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What we do, and why we do it
"We like to help people enjoy music in their homes."

owners of Quality Service and Distribution

Mike Grubb and Randy Stringer

People often ask us what QS and D is really all about. Well, in a nutshell... we're just a couple of ordinary guys who like to listen to music on really good sounding equipment. So we sell and fix great sounding hi-fi systems so special people like you can enjoy listening to them as much as we do. That's how we get our kicks, and that's how we make our living.
When Randy and I formed QS and D back in 1992, we'd already been working together for 5 years at KEF USA. I was VP of Operations there, and Randy was the Service Manager, so joining forces in our own enterprise seemed like a natural. It was also a kind of east meets west thing, me coming from northern Virginia and Randy hailing from San Diego, California.

Randy had years of technical experience and was factory trained by so many companies I lost count. He originally started his career in the Navy as a data systems technician, but after a 10 year stint fixing computers for them, he opted for the private sector and fell in love with stereo equipment. Basically, if it plugs into the wall and is supposed to make music, he can fix it.

Anyway, we started our operation in Fredericksburg, Virginia where we serviced and distributed hi-end European products for nearly 16 years. We moved to the Myrtle Beach area a couple of years ago and started growing in another direction.

Now we sell new and used hi-end equipment directly to consumers, instead of just distributing product to dealers. And have added some really great lines like Wharfedale, Roksan, and Leema Acoustics. If you're not familiar with them, you need to check them out... extraordinary gear at real-world prices

On top of that we're the official QUAD service center for North America, and can also repair just about any other piece of fine audio gear wth genuine factory parts.
golfer And in our spare time, we play golf... a whole lot of golf... which is our other great passion. 


Mike Grubb, audiolover

Nice Things People Have Said About Us
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"You sold me a pair of refurbished Quad ESL-63's (USA Monitor Pro's) back in June.  I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with them - they are absolutely great, and meet all my expectations.  There are times when they take my breath away.  They look great, they sound great, and to top it off - my wife does not find them offensive to look at!

Any time you need a reference, let me know."

Steve Ashenfarb



"I've had and loved my 57's since '72, but they were gtting a little long in the tooth (like me). But after you worked your magic on them, they now sound as good as ever. And with the new protection circuit you put in them, I can safely play them with my 909. Having played and recorded professionally, I can honestly say the results are almost like being there."

Bill Lilling


"I' wish to thank you and Mike once more for your painstaking care and consideration in the repair and shipping of my 988 and would not hesitate a second in recommending your services to anyone who has QUAD equipment needing repairs."

Jeff Bradshaw, Canada
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