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"I got the cables, and tested them too. So much better than the Monster ones that I had! Thanks a lot."  

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We've had a lot of inquiries lately from folks looking for replacement interconnects for their original QUAD or other European components, so we decided to offer our own OEM-style replacements. Choose cable lengths from 12" to 36".

RCA to DIN cable

RCA to DIN (5 pin)

This interconnect has 2 male RCA plugs and a 5 pin male Din connector. These were commonly used to connect US or Japanese components to European ones. Just tell us what length you need, and we will build them to your specs. These are perfect for QUAD 33's, 44's or other similar units.


5 pin DIN stereo cable

DIN to DIN (5pin)

This is the 5 pin male to male Din version, commonly used to connect European style components together (e.g. tape recorder to preamp).


4 pin DIN stereo cable

DIN to DIN (4pin)

This 4 pin male to male Din configuration was frequently used to connect a preamp to a power amp, but it has other applications as well.



We've also had a lot of inquiries lately from folks looking for premium cables at affordable prices, so we've decided to offer our own custom cables, and they seem to be going over very well.

custom speaker cables
CUSTOM SPEAKER CABLES -- 12' Length Each (sold in pairs)

Choose either gold coated OEM-style banana jacks or spade lugs as your terminating connector. You may also specify spade lugs at one end and banana jacks at the other. This premium speaker cable has 4 internal solid core wires, so it can be configured for bi-wire or single wire use.

SUPER PREMIUM CABLE -- Assembled with the same wire but with ETI connectors. Just add the cost of the connectors (see above), but remember a pair of speaker cables requires 8 connectors.


oxygen free copper speaker cables

CABLE SPECIAL -- Only One Pair Left

Get this 10' pair of 14 gauge oxygen free copper speaker cables with gold banana jacks at a close-out price.



Cyrus bi-wire speaker cables

These 5 meter cables deliver authority, punch, even tonal balance, and great dynamic range with an impressive resolution of fine musical detail. Cyrus has, for many years, used very simple single solid-core interconnects and speaker cables because they believe them to be acoustically and technically superior to multi-stranded versions. Just like their interconnect cables, Cyrus Speaker Cable is specifically tuned to complement and enhance the carefully crafted sonic signature striven for in every Cyrus model, but they will perform admirably well in other systems as well.

BTW... these cables received a 5 star rating from "What Hi-Fi"

SPECIAL: One set only

We also have 1 set we used for show demos for only $299!



Gutwire power cord

There's been a lot of buzz lately about improving the sound of your system by replacing the power cord. After all when you think about it, an unshielded power cord is a lot like an antenna that picks up EMF, RFI, and other stray radiation that can add to the noise floor of your system. Using one of these advanced design cords can lift an often unnoticed and constricting veil off your music. The standard B-16 comes in a 5.5' length, but can be extended at $10/ft. This is an entry-level cable, and although it can't compare to some of Gutwire's premium products, like the SP-11 power cable which retails at $3,800, this is a solidly built cable and a good investment in your system. BTW... these cables were highly recommended in the October 2010 issue of "Stereophile Review".


  GUTWIRE NOTEPAD2  Isolation Pillow              

Notepad isolation pillow Gutwire's NOTEPAD2 is designed to absorb mechanical vibration and unwanted resonance, as well as shield devices (like CD/DVD/Blue Ray players, amplifiers, and  even speaker wires) from unwantedEMI and RFI fields. Its effect in opening up the height and width of the soundstage and improving overall sound quality is truly remarkable. Filled with specially formulated cellulose high molecular polymer gel, these isolation pillows are an inexpensive way to maximize performance from your components. Unlike turntable vibration pads, these pillows are designed to sit on top of your device, making it easy to switch from one to another.



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