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quad classic ESL-2905 electrostatic speakers Choose From:


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And Brand New!
* Sale is limited to stock in hand and only for Items described below. This is a web-based sale, so stock moves quickly. Some items on this page are one of a kind, and may already be sold by the time you reply. So don't hesitate, or you'll miss your chance. NOTE: Freight is NOT included in any speaker sale unless noted.
We doubt you'll ever see prices like this again on QUAD ESL's. As QUAD's North American service center a lot of ESL's come our way. And not always because they need repairs. Many customers simply want to move up to a 2805... or even to his big brother the 2905. So they have to sell their ESL-63's, or even their ESL-988's or 989's.

And with the economy being the way it is, this creates a never-again opportunity for you to snag an ESL-63 or ESL-988 at an unheard of price. OK, these earlier siblings may not be "the best speaker on the planet", which the 2905's have been called (by the reknowned audio critic Ken Kessler)... but they still sound darn good. Better actually than just about anything else you can lay your hands on... at ANY price.

So if you're still holding onto your original ESL-57's, now might be a real good time to take the plunge and see just how far QUAD has come in the last 54 years.

arrow We also have a few killer deals on some BRAND NEW QUAD ESL's. Check us out!

These special deals won't last long, and only 1 of each is available!

Pristine pair of QUAD ESL-988's with a new VISONIK 10.2 subwoofer
Only $3,599
Get one of the best sounding speakers on the planet now with an earth-shaking bottom end!
The 988 has also been fitted with Edison-Price binding posts. Both the ESL's and the sub are black.

Snag a Brand New pair of WHARFEDALE 10.1's with a New VISONIK 8.2 subwoofer
For Only $599

If you've been searching for a terrific deal on a great sounding home theatre system... THIS IS IT!
Prepare yourself for an amazingly detailed sonic experience with an awesomely deep bottom end.
The10.1 comes in a stunning rosewood finish. Choose a black or silver 8.2 sub to go with it.
Wharfedale stands are also available, but are not included in this package.

QUAD ESL-989 Trade-in Black Top/Grill SPECIAL... only $3,900
Quad_ESL_989_speaker.gif JUST IN...

If you're ESL-63's are getting a little long in the the tooth and you've been waiting for a chance to snag a pair of immaculate ESL-989's at a bargain basement price... this is for you! When they were traded in, they didn't sound exactly up to snuff, so we replaced 2 borderline panels with new ones, and now they sound absolutely superb.
QUAD ESL-2905 New Black  NOW ONLY $12,500
quad 2905 fron and side
If you know QUAD at all, then you know why critics and owners rave about them. If you've never heard a pair of QUADs, you owe yourself a listen. Then you'll know why people say things like... "Incredibly warm, detailed, and fluid." "Musically perfect." "Simply superb." "Closest thing to being there." This is just some of the praise that has been heaped on these speakers.

And if you've had problems before with QUAD's not meeting your wife's decorating tastes, this latest incarnation looks a whole lot more elegant and contemporary than earlier ones. And these speakers are the virtually perfect solution for just about any kind of music, except hard rock/heavy metal played at moon rocket levels. To be honest they really don't hold up well to that kind of punishment.

But if you're a fan of classical music, opera, folk, jazz, big band, instrumentals, vocals, love lush strings, or know what acoustical instruments really sound like in a live concert... then this is the speaker for you.

So grab a BRAND NEW pair today, save yourself a bundle, and get a front row seat for life! LIMITED QUANTITY!!! Only a few pair at this price.
TAS Golden Ear Award TAS editor's choice award the absolute sound golden ear award
QUAD ESL-2805 New Black  NOW ONLY $9,500
quad 2805 black
  The 2805 will sound every bit as good as it's bigger brother, the 2905, in all but the largest rooms. It has the same point source imaging and incredibly pure and uncolored sound. Vocals are simply uncannily real, and the soundstage it creates for a full orchestra is about as close to actually being there as you can get.

If you have an older 63 or even a 988, you'll be amazed at the structural differences this latest model offers. The internal electronics have been beefed up considerably as well... all with an eye towards turning an already incredible speaker (the 63) into a jaw-dropping experience.

Add a whopping savings to the mix, and you'll have a delight both to your ears and your wallet.
QUAD ESL-989 Refurb Vintage NOW ONLY $4,499
quad ESL 989 in vintage What can we say... an immaculate pair of QUAD ESL-989's in the limited Vintage edition! We've put this speaker through a QSandD refurb, and can honestly say... this is factory original sound.

With 50% more of a radiating area than its little brother, the 988, these speakers can pack more of a wallop in their extended bottom end, giving them a greater sense of weight and authority, especially in a larger room.

They look gorgeous to boot.

And the price... you can buy your wife a car with what you'll save!
QUAD ESL-63 PRO Refurbed/Demo Black ONLY $2,799
ESL 63 PRO connections  The QUAD ESL-63 was the first full-range electrostatic speaker to use an intricate series of delay lines to give its stereo soundstage true point-source imaging. The more robust and deeper sounding 63's replaced the aging 57's, and became a legend in their own right.

The highly-prized PRO version, known as the US monitor, sports sturdy vinyl handles for carrying to location or to pinpoint positioning.

This pair was used for demos (it has only a minor scuff or two), and has been through a QSandD refurb. They sound and look fantastic.
QUAD ESL-63 Repaneled Black ONLY $3,199
QUAD ESL-63 speakers for sale QUAD ESL-63 panels showing  This is almost like getting a "new" pair of QUAD 63's for the price of a used set. We've replaced all eight panels (4 per speaker) and dust covers.

We've gone through these speakers with a fine tooth comb and all the associated electronics check out A-OK, so the sound is as close to factory original as possible.

If you've ever wanted to own a set of ESL-63's but couldn't afford them, this is your chance to get a pair at a real bargain price.
QUAD ESL-63 Used/Inspected Black ONLY $2,999
QUAD ESL-63 electrostatic speakers
Crosby grill for QUAD ESL-63 speakers
QUAD esl 63 electronic base
These speakers have been custom-fitted with Crosby's unique honey-comb grill, and the standard banana connector inputs have been replaced with extra-heavy-duty copper binding posts to accommodate the thickest of speaker wires. Top wood panel is brown. The grill cloth and the rest of the speaker is black.

Everything is in superb condition. This is a great chance to get hold of a pair of Crosby modified 63's at a really great price.
QUAD ESL-63 Used/Inspected Brown ONLY $2,899
QUAD ESL 63 electrostatic speaker for sale
      QUAD US monitor grill
  QUAD ESL-63 input
This is a very special pair of 63's in excellent cosmetic and sonic condition. Top and bottom wood panels are brown, as is the grill cloth. They have been custom-fitted with super-rigid US monitor grills instead of the standard 63 grill, but everything else is factory original.

We've checked all the panels and electronics. Everything looks and sounds as good as it gets. These speakers also come with a 90 day QSandD used speaker warranty. Better snap these up fast, before someone beats you to it!
Visonik Evolution 6 loudspeaker for sale Visonik Evolution floor standing speaker system This Berlin made system is elegantly styled, beautifully finished in furniture-grade venner, and furnished with top-quality engineering in the best German tradition. These speakers will look and sound terrific in any home theatre or serious listening situation. You'll be astonished at the deep authoritative sound!
Sensitivity 2.83 V 90 dB    
Impedance 4 Ω    
Max. Amplifier Input 140 W    
Woofer 2x 140 mm    
Tweeter Visotec silk 28 mm    
Size (WxHxD) 168x900x266 mm    
Weight 20 kg    
Note: This trade show demo pair plays perfectly and looks like it just came out of the box, except for a slight hairline scratch on the inside surface of one speaker and a slight ding on the inside of the other (neither blemish is noticeable). The factory original floor spikes are also included, plus all paperwork as well. They will be shipped in their original factory cartons.

PS> Visonik is a pretigious German company that makes outstanding audiophile speakers, and are not affiliated in any way with the American car stereo manufacturer.
VISONIK 8.2 SUB-WOOFER New Silver, Black, Maple NOW ONLY $499
Visonik of Berlin sub-woofer Visonik 8.2 sub-woofer for sale Visonik 8.2 subwoofer Beautifully finished in a killer cabinet, this elegantly designed sub-woofer packs a huge wallop for such a small enclosure. Comes with a built-in crossover with phase control and a built-in super-clean 100 watt amplifier. Uses a downward firing driver in a bass reflex design. Very fast and powerful. Will make any home cinema or home stereo system come alive.
Built-in Amp 100 W
Woofer 220 mm Power Move
Size (WxHxD) 220x350x430 mm
Weight 18 kg
VISONIC 10.2 SUB-WOOFER New only 1 Black one left NOW ONLY $799
Visonik 10.2 sub-woofer QS and D sells new and used Visonik speakers
A little bigger, but a lot more powerful than its little sister. This gem of a sub-woofer will give your movies explosive realism. Comes in a ported and tuned bass enclosure rock solid enough to hold a gorilla.

Built-in Amp 150 W
Woofer 270 mm Power Move
Size (WxHxD) 400x420x400 mm
Weight 24 kg
Visonik 10.2 sub-woofer QS and D sells new and used Visonik speakers The grand-daddy of Visonik's sub-woofer line. This reference sub is not much bigger than it's younger brother (the 10.2) and looks almost identical to it, but inside it's a whole different animal. If you're looking for the absolute ultimate bottom end, and like to feel your music as well as hear it, this is what you've been looking for! A true tank.

Built-in Amp 190 W
Woofer 320 mm Power Move
Size (WxHxD) 400x450x400
Weight 26 kg
Britain's Most Famous Loudspeakers

Wharfedale has been a legendary innovator among speaker manufacturers since they started in 1932, and QSandD is proud to announce that we are now an authorized dealer for their quality line of book-shelf and floor-standing speakers.
Currently they have a manufacturing base of over 1.2 million square feet, encompassing everything from capacitor manufacture to full production of over 600 different drive units.

Their new
Diamond Series features Kevlar drive units, furniture grade vinyl, and strikingly curved walls that are not just a design feature. This sleek unboxy look also adds structural rigidity and integrity to the enclosure, dampens resonance, and reduces the effects of standing waves. The Diamond speaker cabinet also sports twin rear-firing reflex ports for lower distortion and earth-shaking bass. The series is available in
black, cherry and rosewood finishes.

All in all Wharfedale speakers represent a very elegant and affordable hi-fi solution for any size budget. We will soon be offering the entire line of fine Wharfedale products. But for starters, see what we have below. Call us for available finishes, and also for other Wharfedale products not listed.
Wharfedale Diamond Series speakers for sale

Wharfedale's Diamond Series speakers first appeared on the Hi-Fi scene some 30 years ago. Since then, they have received dozens of awards for their crisp, focused, spacious sound and have earned a reputation for exceptional value.

These are Wharfedale's entry-level  speakers into the realm of "true high fidelity", and are suitable for both home stereo and home theatre systems. You can use them as freestanding bookshelf speakers, or mount them on Wharfedale's stylish stands.

Now with the latest evolution of the Diamond Series, Wharfedale has again raised the bar for hi-performance speakers that are affordable as well as good-looking. With elegantly curved cabinets in 6 different finishes, they will complement the decor of any listening room and provide the realism and musicality you would expect from a system costing much more.
Wharfedale Diamond 10.0 speakers Wharfedael Diamond 10.1 loudspeakers
Wharfedale Diamond 10.6 loudspeakers for sale Wharfedale Diamond 10.4 loudspeakers for sale
Wharfedale Diamond 10.6 loudspeakers for sale  Wharfedale Diamond 10.7 loudspeakers for sale
Wharfedale Diamond 10.SR loudspeakers for sale Wharfedale Diamond 10.CC center channel speakers
Wharfedale Diamond 10.SX sub-woofer for sale Wharfedale Diamond 10.MX sub-woofer for sale
Wharfedale Diamond 10.GX sub-woofer for sale  
wharfedale jade home theatre setup 

Wharfedale's new Jade series speakers incorporate many advanced design features like curved cabinet walls to eliminate resonance, aperiodic cabinet loading to eliminate bass hangover and blurring, and cones constructed of Acufiber to reduce distortion and coloration by breaking up standing waves. Add to this a multi-laquered piano-gloss finish, and you have speakers which look every bit as good as they sound. Choose from Piano Black, Black Oak, Burgundy Burl, and Vintage Cherry.

wharfedale jade 1 loudspeaker
wharfedale jade 3 speakers wharfedale jade 3
wharfedale jade 5 loudspeaker
wharfedale jade 7 loudspeaker wharfedale jade 7 loudspeaker
wharfedale jade c1 loudspeaker
wharfedale jade c2 center channel loudspeaker
wharfedale jade sr surround speaker
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