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"I wish to thank you and Mike once more for your painstaking care and consideration in the repair and shipping of my 988 and would not hesitate a second in recommending your services to anyone who has QUAD equipment needing repairs." Jeff Bradshaw, Canada

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Only $2,999/pair for ESL-63, 988, and 2805
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In or Out of Warranty

QS and D is a QUAD authorized service center. We have the special tools, knowledge, and parts needed to repair or refurbish virtually any item in the QUAD line. We can also repair most other quality speakers or electronics as well, and bring them back to factory specs.

If you are not sure what is wrong with your equipment, we can evaluate it for you. We charge $75 for this service plus shipping. If you wish to repair your unit, we will apply this charge to the cost of repair. If not, there are no other additional charges besides the basic evaluation fee and the cost of shipping the unit back to you.

Please call Randy Stringer at 843-349-0143 for any questions about service.

NOTE: Prices do not include shipping or sales tax for South Carolina residents. Please call for an estimate of these charges.

  QUAD els-989 electrostatic speaker   QUAD ESL's -- Electrostatic Speakers for Audio Connoisseurs

From the original ESL-57 to the fourth generation ESL-2905 these very special speakers have been the benchmark by which all other "serious" speakers have been judged, and many consider them to be among the finest speakers ever produced at any cost. But like the Space Shuttle, these high performance speakers do require a watchful eye and can easily be damaged by an overzealous twist of the volume control on your preamp or a +10db bass-drum whack on a compact disk.

And if that happens, a panel damaging arc is inevitable. Unlike conventional box speakers, there are no drivers for a DIY'er to replace. Repairing QUAD's is a lot like repairing a Lotus... it's just not something you want to tackle with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers.

QSandD has been repairing ESL's for close to 20 years. We use QUAD procedures and QUAD parts whenever possible. This ensures that your speakers will come back to you as close as possible to their original factory sound.

Although a lot of companies claim they have the ultimate QUAD mod, we have found that most of them actually harm both sound and speaker. That's why we keep to Peter Walker's original design and parts specifications as much as possible.

We have a good supply of panels, HV stages, delay lines, and other components for late model ESL's and can still repair QUAD's original 57's. But quite frankly, parts for those are hard to come by, so we are not now offering the complete rebuild service we used to for them. However, call us if you have a problem and we'll do our best to help out.

                                            Rebuilding, Repairing, Repaneling ESL's
QUAD ESL revealing panels
As QUAD's age they lose sensitivity and sometimes frequency response. The panels can become brittle with age (a lot of current goes through them), and they can even separate and short out. So it's a good idea to have your speakers checked out from time to time. If they're original 63's, they probably should be repaneled. And if they have other problems, we recommend a complete rebuild, which includes replacing the high voltage circuitry, delay lines, or other parts as necessary.

Repaneling will bring new life back to your tired old QUAD's, will restore them to factory original sound, and will save you thousands over a new system.

For a limited time we are offering a...


$2,999/pair* for ESL-63, 988, and 2805
$3,999/pair for ESL- 989 and 2905

*Includes all panels and the labor to install them.
Does not include repair/replacement of other components or shipping charges.

If your ESL-63 needs more extensive work, we also offer a


This includes repair/replacement, and installation of...

  • All 8 Panels (4 per speaker)
  • Protection Circuit in Each Speaker
  • High Voltage Circuit in Each Speaker
  • Dust Covers for Both Speakers
  • Grill Cloths for Both Speakers
  • Binding Posts for Both Speakers
  • Rewiring of Both Speakers

"You were right. The 63's look and sound GREAT!! They definitely met my expectations. To be honest, I've never listened to the Quad ESL before, only read about them. I've lived with B&W speakers since the early 80's and thought they were good enough, because a number of prominent recording studios, particularly the classical ones, use them to monitor. I even have a picture of Horowitz holding his hand over his ear listening and monitoring his recording through B&W speakers.

Anyway, the ESL-63's that you restored are much, much better. Despite the enormous size, even my wife is happy and agrees with the beautiful sound. I have been going through so much music that I have not listened for so long but once again finding the joy of listening to the music. Thank you very much for restoring these wonderful speakers."
  Daniel Takayama

Other Common ESL-63 Repairs

ESL-63 electrostatic speaker
Part Cost of Part Labor to Install*
Single Panel $400 $187.50 (2.5+ hours)
2+ Panels $375 ea $225 (3+ hours)
Clamp Circuit Q63CLPA $225 per speaker $112.50 per speaker (1.5+ hours)
High Voltage Circuit Q63HTPA $165 per speaker $112.50 per speaker (1.5+ hours)
Dust Covers Q63DCPA $45 per speaker $150 per speaker (2+ hours)
Grill Cloths (black or brown) $45 per speaker $112.50 per speaker (1.5+ hours)
Evaluation /Diagnostics na $75 per Speaker (2+ hours)

NOTE: All labor is billed at $75/hr. Times for repairs are estimates and may vary depending on individual circumstances, especially if there have been any modifications or damage.


esl replacement panel
Panel Repairs for ESL-988, 989, 2805, 2905
Part Cost of Part Labor to Install*
Single Panel $400 $225 (3+ hours)
Evaluation na $112.50

NOTE: All labor is billed at $75/hr. Times for repairs are estimates and may vary depending on individual circumstances, especially if there have been any modifications or damage.

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